Corrosion Consultant

Maido Merisalu is an award winning Estonian materials scientist who is specialized in corrosion and nanotechnology. In this field he has worked at the Laboratory of Thin Film Technology, Institute of Physics, University of Tartu since 2009, where he develops novel corrosion prevention techniques (that are often based on nanotechnology) for unique applications, gives lectures about physical materials characterization techniques, supervises students and regularly helps out companies with corrosion and materials science related problems. In 2016 Maido Merisalu founded Captain Corrosion OÜ which is a University of Tartu spin-off company and mostly dedicated to helping out other companies and researchers in the field of corrosion and materials science. His company has also produced numerous educational science videos and recently opened an online store, where educators can download 3D animations to enhance their courses.

Maido Merisalu photo

Awards & Recognition

2018 – Nominated for national science award in Estonia along with other scientists (Jaan Aarik, Väino Sammelselg, Lauri Aarik, Jekaterina Kozlova) from the Laboratory of Thin Film Technology

2017 – National university educator / lecturer of the year in Estonia

2016 – Tartu Raefond Award for best worker / lecturer at the University of Tartu

2015 – Tartu Raefond Award for best worker / lecturer at the University of Tartu

2015 – Award for best collaboration project between the University of Tartu and an Estonian company at the conference “Õigel ajal õiges kohas”


Sammelselg, L. Aarik, M. Merisalu. Patent: Method of preparing corrosion resistant coatings. Publication number: WO 2014102758 A1. Priority date: Dec 31,2012.

Educational Science Videos



50€ per hour for consultations that can be done online through email. You will need to purchase either the standard, gold or platinum consultation package prior to consultations.