Corrosion Monitoring System

Captain Corrosion OÜ is developing corrosion monitoring systems for applications, where the life cycle of materials needs to be monitored remotely. In particular, our focus has been on developing sensors and systems pipes (oil, gas, water) and space satellites. The technology is based on the Europe patent application EP20177638.2, which was filed on June 2020. In near future the technology is planned to be demonstrated on satellites ESTCube-2 and WISA Woodsat. On ESTCube-2 a compact 41×65 mm module (Enterprise edition) will be used to test up to 15 materials on in low Earth orbit (LEO). On WISA Woodsat however, two compact sensors with a size of 10×20 mm are used to monitor the corrosion of wood in space.

Figure 1. Photos of the corrosion monitoring sensors depicting 41x65mm (a,b) and 10x20mm (c,d) modules.

Enterprise module (41x65mm) allows to test up to 15 materials in space (Fig. 1a,b). The materials and sensing elements are applied on the bare module depicted in Fig. 1a, which is then connected to the board computer or a separate module with wires. The module itself is covered with a sturdy plate, which ensures that only the tested materials are exposed to the environment of space.

Stargazer module (10x20mm) allows to test one material in space (Fig. 1c,d). The material and sensing element is applied on the bare module (Fig. 1c), which is then connected to the satellite with two screws (Fig. 1d). The two screws also provide electrical connection for the sensor. An optional cover plate may be applied on the sensor if necessary.

The development of corrosion monitoring systems has been funded by Captain Corrosion OÜ, receiving partial co-funding from Enterprise Estonia (EAS) through projects EU 51950 and EU53688.