Creative commons License

You can use for free our gallery images and illustrations licensed under the Creative Commons License in your projects (videos, websites and presentations) as long as you credit us with a link to our Website. Examples of proper way to credit us;



Captain Corrosion License

If you can’t or do not want to credit us or if you require our content for other applications, you can buy an appropriate Captain Corrosion license (VAT is added to the price). You will also get a license certificate as well as a proper invoice. To buy a license, contact us here.

With the licenses you can use our content for the following applications;

Online videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.), slideshow, website background, illustration for internet article, poster, public presentation (including lectures), TV (films, documentaries, news, shows), advertising (TV, internet, printed), printed works (books, journals, newspapers, flyers, business cards, public gallery, product illustration etc.)

Captain Corrosion Image License – 50 €

The Captain Corrosion Image License gives you lifetime rights to use a single selected image from our gallery. Buy this license for each individual image you want to use for the applications listed above.

Captain Corrosion Animation License – 50 €

The Captain Corrosion Animation License is provided with each animation that is bought from our website and gives you lifetime rights to use it for the applications listed above.

Captain Corrosion Subscription – 250 € per Year

Subscribe and use all our images and animations for the applications listed above during one year.

Individuals and companies who use our content in their projects, are required to have an active subscription during publishing. It is not necessary to extend the subscription for previously completed projects.

Captain Corrosion Partner License – 1000 € per Year

The Captain Corrosion Partner License is meant for clients who want to participate  in larger collaboration projects (e.g. making science videos, where they have their product or logo displayed).

In addition to Captain Corrosion Subscription benefits, the Partner License also  gives you rights to use our science videos and their parts for the applications listed above.


– A license is applicable to one person, association, institution or company only. If requested, we can limit the license to a specific department within an institution or company.

– It is forbidden to resell or freely redistribute our images, animations and videos unless they are part of a larger project (see the applications above). If there is a danger that our content could be resold or redistributed using your project, then the end consumer must be informed that Captain Corrosion OÜ owns the copyright for the used content

– You are not allowed to claim to be the author of the images and videos downloaded from our site (unless you participated in our projects and really are one of the co-authors)

– It is forbidden to use our images, animations and videos to abuse the Content ID system in YouTube

– Partner License owners may not re-upload a full copy of the video to YouTube. However, license owners are allowed to upload full copies of our videos to other media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Vimeo, websites etc.). Partner License owners can also use parts of our videos for making YouTube videos.