Portable Purifier

Captain Corrosion is currently developing a portable multifunctional system, that can be used to purify air as well as disinfect used masks and other items. The system comes in the form of a black suitcase, which is equipped with powerful but silent fans. The system removes aerosol, dust, allergens and other particles from air and also disinfects the passing air with UVC light. The latter can also be used to disinfect items placed into the suitcase. The portable purifier will afterwards be manufactured and sold by Coronaprot OÜ, who is a fresh member of the Captain Corrosion Consortium. Furthermore, we have also partnered up with the University of Tartu scientists on a major project on the development and testing of air purification systems. Currently we already have a working prototype, which is being thoroughly tested.

Portable Purifier developed at the Captain Corrosion Research and Development Centre.