Internal R&D

Corrosion Monitoring Systems (2020 – ongoing)

Online Simulation Tools (2019 – ongoing)

Captain Corrosion Demo Lab (2019 – ongoing)

Project EU53688, Patent Application for Corrosion Monitoring Systems (2020)

Hand-held Corrosion Monitoring Device (2019)

Project EU51950, Development of Satellite Module for Corrosion Testing in Space (2018)

Corrosion Testing in Space (2017- ongoing )

Smart Radiation Shielding Material for Satellites (2017)

Science Videos on YouTube (2016 – ongoing)

External R&D Projects

Portable Disinfection Chamber (2020), Coronaprot OÜ

R&D Projects on Ventilation Systems (2017 – 2020), ETS Nord AS

Project EU53869: Design and Development of Masks (2020), Coronaprot OÜ, EAS

Project EU53735: Development of Metal 3D Printer (2019 – 2020), Nordic Production Group OÜ, EAS

Project EU53434: Development of Paint Remover (2019), Ral-Est OÜ

Mysterious World in Slow Motion (2018)

Characterization, Testing and Consultation Projects

Testing of oil-based corrosion resistant coatings (2021), Sia Auto Truck Studio

Characterization and Consultation Service (2020), ABB AS

Characterization and Consultation Service (2020), Mikroonik OÜ

Characterization and Consultation Service (2020), Gelatex Technologies OÜ

Characterization and Consultation Service (2020), EastPole OÜ