Ongoing projects:

Corrosion Testing in Space

In this project we are preparing a compact module for small satellites that can be used to test coatings and materials in space. Link to article…

Project EU51950

This project is a part of “Corrosion Testing in Space”, where the electronic measurement device is developed for the satellite module. Link to article…

Smart radiation shielding material

We are currently developing a material that can be used on satellites for shielding to reduce the damaging effect of ionizing radiation. Link to article coming soon.

Science Videos

Visit our YouTube channel to see all of our videos about science and technology. Our videos are mainly related to materials characterization, nanotechnology and corrosion. Link to our YouTube channel…

Animation Library

Due to numerous requests from educators, we made some of our animations available in our online store. These animations come in mp4 format and can be used for enhancing PowerPoint presentations, included into your video projects or shown separately. Link to animation library…

Captain Corrosion Handbooks

We are currently making several handbooks that are used as a source material for our science videos but are also a great study material for students, educators and company representatives that are dealing with these topics. Link to our handbooks coming soon.