Captain Corrosion provides educators with high quality 3D animations that come in mp4 format (30 fps, 1920 x 1080) and no watermarks. These animations can easily be included in PowerPoint presentations, videos or shown separately according to the Terms of Use.

How to insert an animation to a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Select the “Insert” menu on the top
  3. Select “Video
  4. Select “Video on my PC…
  5. Use the browsing feature to find and select your video file
  6. Select “Insert

How to set up your video in PowerPoint

  1. Select the video in your PowerPoint presentation slide
  2. Select “Playback” under “Video Tools” on the top bar
  3. Select “Start on click” or “Start automatically” on the top bar. Automatic start is required in situations (conference presentations), where you cannot click on the animation manually with a mouse
  4. Select a proper size and position for your animation on your PowerPoint slide by using the mouse


Our animations are in mp4 format, which means that they should run on both Windows and Mac computers. If you use an older Windows PC and an older version of PowerPoint, then you might need to convert the animation from mp4 to wmv format before inserting it into your slides in order to run properly (wmv files may run smoother also on newer software and PC-s). Note that wmv clips in PowerPoint presentations will not run properly on Mac.


If you are unsure if and how an animation works in PowerPoint – you can download our free demo and play around with it.

DOWNLOAD DEMO FILE: Captain Corrosion Animation Demo