Collaboration Opportunities

Contact us and ask for further details if you are interested in collaboration.

Development of corrosion prevention techniques for unique applications

The lifespan of a device is often limited by a specific component that fails first due to corrosion. Finding a suitable corrosion prevention method however can be difficult at best but sometimes it is even nearly impossible. We have plenty of experience with various corrosion prevention techniques and our partners at the University of Tartu use nanotechnology to develop novel methods for the protecting materials against corrosion on daily basis. If you have unique problem with corrosion, then contact us and we can discuss if and how it is possible to solve it.

Participation in science videos

We create free high quality educational video materials that are often ranked first or among the first ones in YouTube on the relevant topic search.

Upcoming Science Videos:

Under the Scanning Electron Microscope Series (filming)

In this series we will use a powerful scanning electron microscope to reveal the invisible nano-scaled world and study common and uncommon stuff in unprecedented detail.

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