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Uniform Corrosion

Uniform corrosion (general corrosion) is discussed in this short educational video.

Corrosion is one of the greatest problems of mankind as materials degrade due to the environment, leading to an annual corrosion cost of billions of euros. Since there are so many materials in the world there are also many forms of corrosion. One of the most common forms is the uniform corrosion, also known as general corrosion. The first sign of this type of corrosion is the dulling of the freshly polished surfaces – if corrosion is ignored then it keeps progressing and eventually the material no longer serves its purpose. So how to prevent this type of corrosion? The first most obvious thing is to use materials that are more corrosion resistant. However, often we dont have better materials with a reasonable price and then we need to apply protective coatings.

Galvanic Corrosion – Forms of Corrosion

Galvanic Corrosion is an accelerated form of corrosion that occurs when two dissimilar metals are in an electrical contact. The more noble metal drives the corrosion of the active metal and this can be a very fast process. For example if an aluminum frame is connected with steel bolts then aluminum rapidly corrodes and after a few months the whole construction may collapse. So how to prevent galvanic corrosion? First, one should connect only those materials that have a similar electrochemical activity. Second, dielectric corrosion resistant coatings should be applied on the metal parts so that the electrochemical processes cannot take place.