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Project EU53688

Over the last few years we have been actively developing corrosion monitoring systems for a variety of applications that include pipes and containers in water oil and gas industries, outdoor metal structures (e.g. roofs, oil platforms, power grid etc.) and most importantly reusable rockets and fusion reactors. The funding obtained from Enterprise Estonia (EAS) in the project EU53688 allows us to proceed with the next step, which is the commercialization of the developed technologies.


Project: Hand-held Corrosion Monitoring Device

A large portion of the annual cost of corrosion can be attributed to the corrosion of pipes and ventilation systems. However, the corroding surface is mostly inaccessible in these conditions and therefore the detection and monitoring of corrosion for evaluating the need for possible maintenance is problematic.

Our solution to the problem is a hand-held corrosion monitoring device, that is capable of detecting the corrosion that takes place inside pipes while the measurements are done outside. We currently have a working prototype but we want to investigate also alternative approaches in order to come to the market with a user friendly product.

The development of the prototypes is funded by Captain Corrosion OÜ and Prototron.