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Product Testing

Have a product that you want to be tested by materials scientists? Then this service is for you!

How it Works:

Contact us and briefly describe your product that you want to be tested. Also tell us what sort of tests you need. Based on the information we can offer specific experiments and estimated price.

Why should you test your product?

Our company can provide you with a honest neutral opinion and test results, that you can use for marketing purposes. Also, we can compare the performance of your products with other competitors on the market, which allows you to see where you stand.

Are the tests confidential or public?

Generally, all the test results are confidential by default. However, in the case of successful projects, we may ask to publish some of the results as a success story – this would be done only upon mutual agreement.

Public product testing video

If your product really is good, then we can make a public product testing video and publish it on our YouTube channel. The cost of making and distributing the video is decided on case basis. Usually our videos receive thousands or even tens of thousands views per year.

How much does it cost?

The price of product testing generally depends mainly on the materials, chemicals, tools, scientific equipment and time consumption. We usually offer different sets of tests that have different price ranges so the customer can select the most suitable one.